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The peninsula of Jandia is situated on the very south of Fuerteventura: you’ll find clear blue water, white sanded beach and various choice of restaurants walking across the sea side promenade. The golden beach extends throughout four kilometers  where you could rent  sun loungers and umbrellas, sit in front of the water and make the most out of a beach day in Morro Jable. 
Cofete. Matorral and Sotavento beach extend throughout the coast of the whole peninsula, creating a breathtaking landscape. 
Matorral beach is famous for its four kilometers of golden sand and long promenade providing shops, shopping centers and restaurants.  
Jandia is known for its wetland: a great variety of vegetation which is resistant to salty water. 
Matorral lighthouse, located in Jandia, divides the nudist side of the beach from the one closer to town where it’s the best setting for beautiful sunsets.  Malnombre is an isolated beach, characterized by its cleanliness and quietness.  
Butihondo is a golden sanded beach with restore area where to recharge your energies during a hot beach day. 
The fishing town of Morro Jable is a very picturesque village, located just a few meters for the harbor. Grocery stores, cafeterias and ATM’s are only 50 meters away from Igramar. 
The weather in Fuerteventura allows open space sports, watersports and long walks while breathing fresh clean air. 

Did you know? Fuerteventura is the second biggest island in Canarias and it is considered by UNESCO reserve of Biosphere since 2009. In the island there are 22 different cetaceous species and 4 types of marine turtles. The island is also a migratory path for birds. 

Do you know what “morro jable” means? 
During XV century, conquers from the French-Norman region, arrived in Gran canaria and when they saw a sand dune they called it “morro du sable” which literally means “dune of sand”. 
As the years passed by we adapted this French toponym to our culture. 
It’s possible to admire the best views of Morro jable from the nuestra señora del carmen church which was funded in 1992. The view extends from the entire town all the way down to the lighthouse sided by the atlantic ocean. 
Even though the city is tourists oriented, pacing through the historical centre brings back traditional memories that are typical of the quiet town of morro jable. Feel free to walk thrugh old town, sip a coffee or just listen to the waves crash into the shore. 
Getting closer to the harbor, sitting by the docks, there are plenty of fishes and manta rays swimming on water surface. 
Restaurants in morro jable offer the best fish quality daily caught by our fisherman. 
Don’t forget a side of wrinkled potatos, better known as papas arrugadas. You’ll see it’s finger licking good. 


Studies show that Fuerteventura was a place of shelter for many germans during world war 2. 

Gustav winter a german engineer, landed in the island at the age of 20. 

He inverted in a electric station in las palmas and when he discoveres Fuerteventura builds a mansion that was then used as a secret military base during the war. 

They had volcanic cavities connected to the ocean: they used it to shut down allies boats in the atlantic ocean. And when that happen they used that place for making interventions at the surfice because they didn’t want to be discovered before leaving to southamerica.  

To sum up that is the legend of the winter house. 

Please click on the link for more informnation about this legend. 


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Morro Jable is a typical fishing town in Fuerteventura characterized by blue water, gold sand and open space to enjoy an unforgettable vacation here with us.
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